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Saturday, 23 February 2013

When a SSD fails, it fails!

I have a 250GB Solid State Drive for my laptop, it's been great while it worked but today while writing an email my laptop just switched off.

I switched in again thinking probably dead battery and no hard disk found, the disk is dead. No warning, nothing.

So unlike a traditional hard disk which can slow down, click or whirr before it dies a SSD just stops working. Can you put it in the fridge and then connect to a desktop to try to recover your data? Well No.

Data is gone, all lost.

Now before you feel sorry for me or laugh depending on your nature, I have taken steps to prepare.

I keep all my data in Dropbox, Sky Drive and Google Drive. That's all my documents, music, PDFs, and Screen Steps guides. Email is Exchange so that's safe too.

So I have to install Windows 8, Office 2013 and Screen Steps and I can work. add iTunes and my media is back.

Should take a couple of hours. Not really a worry, but how many of us prepare like this? I did but I'm an IT pro, I should be fired if I hadn't!

As more laptops ship with SSD drives this problem is going to become more apparent.

Where is your important data? If its on your Desktop or in My Documents it's time to think about a backup. I've seen the pain of lost data, it hurts big time and could cost you more than just money.

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