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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How to Add a User to the Local Administrators Group using Remote Background

Here is a simple way to add a domain user to the local administrators Group on a computer using the Remote Background feature in GFI RM

Select the Computer in the Portal


Select the Computer in the Portal and then click the Remote Background Button.

Remote Background


The first is to check if the user is a local administrator. Run the command

net localgroup administrators

This will return the Group Membership and you can look to see who is a member.

Add User to the Administrators Group


You can then add a user to the Group with the command

net localgroup administrators domain\userr /add

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

World Wide Web Publishing Service will not start. Windows Process Activation Service will not start.

How to resolve an issue when the WWW and the WPA Service will not start.

WWW Service will not start


When you try to start the WWW service a message is shown that a dependency service failed to start.

Event Log


In the event log the event 7001 is logged and the error shows thae the Windows Process Activation Service has not started.

Windows Process Activation Service


If you try to start the Windows Process Activation Service, the error 6801 Transacton support within the specified resource manager is not started or was shut down due to an error.



The solution to this error is to repair the File System usind the command

fsutil resource setautoreset true c:\

Event Log


When the command is completed, the Event Log will show Event ID 136. This logs that the NTFS Meta Data as been repaired.

Start Services


You can now start the WPA Service and then the WWW Service as the NTFS Meta Data has been rebuilt.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Internet Explorer - How to add a site to the Local Intranet Sites

Some websites will not always work unless the site is added to a certain site category in Internet Explorer, this is how to add a site to the Local Intranet sites, you would use this for Share Point for example.

Open the Website


Browse to the website you want to use.

Open Internet Options


Chose from the menu the File, Intenet Options.

Security Tab


Choose the Security Tab and then high light the Local Intranet, click the Sites Button.

Local Intranet Properties


Click the Advanced Button

Add Site to the List


Type the site into the Add this website to the zone and then click the Add Button. If the site is not a HTTPS site then uncheck the Require server verifications (https:) for all sites in this zone. Click Close all the way back to Internet Explorer.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

How to Configure Security Sites in Internet Explorer 10 & 11

In Internet Explorer 10 & 11 you can no longer use the Internet Explorer Maintenance setting in Group Policy to make changes to the Browser Security Sites. This has changed in IE 10 to use Group Policy Preferences and ADM Policy Settings.

Use a Windows 2012 Server

To access the new features of Group Policy you will need to connect to the Domain from a Windows 8.x or Windows 2012 Server. Enable the Group Policy Management features and then open Group Policy Management.

Edit a Policy


Create or Edit an existing Group Policy and then drill down to UserPolicy\AdministrativeTemplates\WindowsComponents\InternetExplorer\InternetControlPanel\SecurityPage

Locate the Setting Site to Zone Assignment List

Edit Setting


Check to Enable the Setting. Click the Show button to add the sites required.

Add Sites


Sites that are entered here will be shown in the users browser under the Security Tab and Sites

1. Intranet Sites
2. Trusted Zone
3. Internet
4. Restricted Sites

To add a site enter the site URL on the left value and the Site Number value to the right.

Update User Browser


On the Users Computer run the command

gpudate /force

This will update the Group Policy. Then you can check the Browser Internet Options, Security Tab, Local Intranet Sites and then in the list will be the site you added.