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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Userenv Error 1058 - Windows cannot access the file gpt.ini

I had an issue on a Domain Controller where we would get the Userenv error 1058 in the application log everyday, the DC showed no faults, replication was working and it was more of an annoyance that the log was not clean rather than an error to get resolved.

I downloaded the Windows 2003 Support Tools and then checked with a DCDIAG and NETDIAG and both passed correctly and this confirmed my thoughts that the DC was working as normal.

I had a search on this issue and found that the problem can be caused by the Distributed File System cache and that using the dfsutil tool you can clean this up.

I ran the command dfsutil /PurgeMupCache and this cleaned out the cache, I then ran a gpudate /force and then Group Policy processed successfully and the error was gone.