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Friday, 15 February 2013

How To - Configure a Head Start Restore to vSphere

This guide explains how to configure a Head Start Restore to the Hosted vSphere at CSCM.

vCenter Server


Logon to the vCenter Server and choose the ESXi Host that will be supporting the Virtual Machine. In this example we will be using

Create a Virtual Machine to host the HSR


Right click on the ESXi Host and choose the option to create a New Virtual Machine. Then choose the Typical option.

Name and Location


Name the Virtual Machine with the following convention.

HSR - Client Name Server Type



Choose a location for the Virtual Machine, this should be a MID-vdisk with the appropriate amount of free disk space.

Guest Operating System


Choose the Guest Operating System that is the same as the Client Server that is being restored.



Choose the Isloated Network for the netwokr card, ensure it is set to Connect at Power On.

Image Manager


Now you have to go to the Image Manager Server and check the size of the disks in the server that is to be restored. On the Image Manager find the Server that is being managed and then look at the disk sizes for the Backup Images, this will show you the size of the disk partition that has been backed up.

Create a Disk


We now need to create a Virtual Disk that is at least as large as the disk we are trying to restore, so to leave a little space create a disk that is 5GB larger than you need. In this example our restore server disk is 200GB so I am creating a 205GB disk. Ensure this is thin provisioned.

Complete the Virtual Machine


Accept the configuration and create the Virtual Machine.

Additional Hard Disks


If the server to be restored has more than one hard disk then you will need to create the additional disks. Right click on the Virtual Machine and choose Edit Settings

Virtual Machine Properties


Choose the Add button.

Device Type


Choose Hard Disk and Next.

Create a Disk


You now create a disk as you did before for the additional restore server partitions.

Disk Size


Choose the capacity of the disk, that it is Thin Provisioned and that it is stored with the virtual machine.

Advanced Options


Click Next

Complete Disk Add


Click Finish

Image Manager Head Start Restore Job


Back on the Image Manager server choose the Add new HeadStart Restore job.

New Job


Choose the Location field and click the drop down arrow.

Add Location is required


If there is no location choose the option Add new location.

Location Settings


Choose Type and select VMWare ESX/ESXi Server and then in the Server field enter the IP address of the ESXi Server. Enter the credentials for the ESXi Server

HeadStart Restore Volumes


Choose the option Add new HeadStart Restore volumes

Base Images


Note that the Base Images listed match those of your restore server.

Add Volumes


For each volume choose the option Click to browse for volume.

Digital Certificate Error


Choose Yes to ignore the certificate error.

ESX Inventory


Hover the mouse over each vdisk and select the disk that matches the volume you are restoring. For example for the C: volume at 72GB choose the vdisk you created at 77GB in size. Choose Select.

Add all disks


Repeat this process for each of the HSR Restore Volumes. Choose Save.

Restore Job Running


The Head Start Restore is now complete and will show as Restoring. You have a Head Start Restore running.

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