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Monday, 18 February 2013

This is our own HP Advisory - c03668975

You know you have a good problem when you get a vendor to create an advisory based on your incident.  Well it has finally happened to us.  The advisory here relates to a problem we had with our HP MSA P2000 LFF Array in the last quarter of 2012.  

Now I have to start by saying that HP Support were excellent and I could not fault their efforts to resolve this, we had multiple hardware changes and engineer visits to get to the bottom of this and it took somewhere in the region of 2 months to get to Tier 2 Support at HP and for the cause to be found.

So if you have a HP MSA P2000 LFF array and see the controllers fail with a memory over temperature error and you have ESXi 5.x then look at this, it might just be the same issue we had and it will save you no end of grief and stress!

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