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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Why should we share with our peers?

I have just returned from the GFI MAX Conference or the #MAXCC if you follow on Twitter.  This was the the EU conference held at Twickenham, information about the why and what is here.

Most conferences are a collection of people with a common interest who share their passion for a product or service, you expect to hear speakers and see vendors who have products to market.

The GFI Conference is certainly a collection of those who love the GFI Max products, a mix of those on an invite, those who paid to attend  and the one lucky winner of the comp room with free bar!

I will bet we have all wanted to go to a conference to find the usual responses of "it's just a jolly or "not in work time you don't".  A lot of managers can only see the direct costs, the ticket price and the time not spent earning money in the office.  All this so you can spend days with our competitors?  Are you mad?

Well I say you are mad if you do not go.  We all know who are main competitor is, it is ourselves.  Who wins business for you?  You do.  Whose fault was it that you lost a customer?  You again.

Forget what the so called competition are doing, let them worry about that.  Worry about what you are doing.  There is enough business to go around.

I spend Wed-Fri last week talking to my peers, all of us in the SMB and SME market place for IT Support and Managed Services, I gave an Q&A on how to retain customers and grow your business.  That's right I gave what we do away and we do it well I can assure you.

What I gained from last week cannot be measured, tips on applications, recommendations for new services, ideas for marketing, how to improve my management and sales.  Not to mention just kicking back with some great people and getting to see that its not just me that has a bad day!

People get out there and share.  We are all in this together.

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