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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Find positives where you can

I noted with interest the latest mistake in PR made by the Tories, the papers are full of George Osbourne and his lack of a 1st class ticket on the train.  His aides tried to argue on a busy train that he could not sit in standard class due to his position and they refused to move class, this naturally caused a fuss and everyone noticed what was going on.

Why did his aides not see the opportunity here to turn this on its head and make George look like a peoples man?  They should have said we made a mistake and took everyone to standard class and George could have spoken to passengers and explained that if he forgot to buy the right ticket he would move to Standard class just like everyone else does.

This simple action would have been a PR positive and all those on the train who tweeted would have tweeted what a good chap he was for moving.

This sums up for me that we should always try to find a positive where we can, in IT things go wrong.  They just do.  Period.

So it is up to us to make the best of them, the old adage is that it is not that something went wrong, it is what you do about it when it does go wrong and how you react.

We have problems, sometimes we cause them.  We apologise and move on.  This gains respect and trust, to say sorry when you are wrong. Don't let people tell you to cover up or you risk losing your reputation and as George Osbourne has seen, word spreads fast these days.

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