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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

In it together. Or are we?

I noted this news story today about Star Bucks and UK tax.  It appears that Star Bucks have avoided paying any significant Corporation Tax since 1998 and that other big companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon have done the same.  They operate in the UK and make huge profits and then take the money out of the country and pay no tax.  Imagine if you suggested that to the US Immigration Service as you applied to work in the US?

How does this happen?  Well these companies employ hundreds of lawyers to find the loopholes in the law, I am sure each business has not broken one law this is hardly ethical is it?  I mean I run a business and I pay tax, to be honest with you I pay a lot of tax but hang on I create employment too and I am part of the UK GDP.  The business generates profit, we pay National Insurance, we pay Corporation Tax and I pay Income Tax.  I contribute.

I figure the government knows about this, its been going on for long enough so its not a party political issue, red or blue they both turn a blind eye.  Still why not look at which MPs are Directors or Shareholders on which Boards?  I am sure that a few of the Multi Nationals that avoid tax will have these MPs on their Boards and non Exec Directors.

So are we going to allow this to continue?

Well I am no Socialist Worker, I am part of the Capitalist system and that's OK with me but I do feel you should do your part and pay your tax.  I am not against benefits and the social state, it helps people when they need.  If you think it is a waste, go see what J K Rowling went through.

But should we show these companies that take from our country and give little back?  Yes.  Vote with your feet.  I can certainly avoid Star Bucks but Amazon and Google, damn I like the first ones products and the second..... well you try to use the Internet and not benefit Google!

Look just don't forget, these companies have one goal.  Profit.  Make the green.  Forget the marketing hype, like MacDonald's and their green hay making, look at us teaching kids bullshit.  Just sell burgers will you?

As Chuck D once said. Don't believe the hype.

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