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Friday, 2 March 2012

Terminal Services - Client Redirection under Windows 2008

I spent some time one day pulling my hair out because I could not redirect the clipboard to a Windows 2008 Server, so here is where you can enable and disable Client redirection so you can check this carefully and not suffer the frustration I did.

Remote Desktop Suite


This is the suite of applications that make up the Remote Desktop Services, the ones we need to look at are Terminal Server Configuration, TS Gateway Manager, TS RemoteApp Manager

Terminal Server Configuration


This is the most common place to make this change, here you can enable and disabled client redirection options.

TS RemoteApp Manager


In the TS RemoteApp Manager you can select the devices that will be available to the remote session users.

TS Gateway Manager


This was the place I had missed and caused me to spend an hour on this! The Connection Authorization Policy can also manage the client redirection.

Connection Authorization Properties


It was here that when I set this up I for some reason decided to disable all client device redirection. I must have been having a meglomaniac moment! With all the three settings in harmony I can now redirect the clipboard and printers.

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