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Monday, 30 June 2014

UPS - How to configure an APC UPS Management Card

Configuring a APC UPS Management card is not difficult you just need to be patient and make sure it is all done right.

#1 Login


The default login for an APC is apc and apc

#2 Status


Once logged on you can see the Status of the device, the internal temperature and runtime are important to note.

#3 Configuration - Power Settings


Choose the Configuration, Power Settings option and then set the Rated Output Voltage to your country voltage, this is 240V in the UK.

#4 Configuration - Shutdown


Choose the Configuration, Shutdown option and then for Low Battery Duration select a time no less than 10 minutes otherwise you will not have enough time to shut down your servers before the UPS discharges.

#5 Administration - Local Admin


Choose the Administration, Local Users, Administrator option and set the User Name to ups-admin and set a password.

#6 Administration - Device


Choose the Administration, Local Users, Device option and uncheck the Access Box to disable the Device User.

#7 Administration - Read Only


Choose the Administration, Local Users, Read Only option and set the username to ups-read and set a password.

#8 Configuration Auto Log Off


Choose the Administration, Auto Log Off option and set the timeout to 10.

#9 DNS


Choose the Administration, Network, DNS option and then enter your DNS Servers, Host Name and Domain Name.

#10 SMTP Server


Choose the Administration, Notification, Email, Server option and then enter your SMTP Smart Host and From Address.

#11 Recipients


Choose the Administration, Notification, Email, Recipients option and enter your email address, change the SMT P Server to recipient.

#12 Test Email


Choose Administration, Notification, Test and then test to make sure your notification works.

#13 Identification


Choose the Administration, General, Identification option and enter the details.

#14 Time


Choose the Administration, General, Date Time option and set the Time Zone, set the NTP Server.

#15 Daylight Savings


Choose the Administration, General, Daylight Savings option and set the Traditional Daylight Savings.

#16 Date Format


Choose the Administration, General, Date Time, Date Format and set your regional format.

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