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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

SharePoint Foundation 2010 - How to Backup and Restore a Site

#1 Backup Site


Open Central Administration and then choose Perform a Backup.

#2 Select Site to Backup


The Backup will show all the components in the Farm, choose the Site Collection that you want to backup.

#3 Select Backup Type and Location


Choose the Type of Backup to Full and then the location of the backup in a UNC Path. Click Start Backup.

#4 Backup Progress


The Backup will now progress and once complete you will see the Phase set to Completed.

#5 Files


The Backup will generate files as shown here, a folder and an XML file is generated.

#6 Restore the Site Collection


On the new Share Point Server choose the option Restore from Backup.

#7 Restore Location


Enter the Backup Location from before and the click refresh, the Site Backup available will be shown. Now select the Site and Click Next.

#8 Restore Site


From the Restore Options choose the Site you want to restore.

#9 Restore Permissions


When you restore a Site you are asked if you want to restore to a new configuration or the same configuration. The new configuration is for a new Site Collection, the same is for a restore over the existing Site Collection.

Enter the credentials fo the Farm Share Point Account.

#10 Site Names


If you are restoring a new configuration, choose a name for the Site and add a URL for the Site. I have chosen

For the Database choose the location of the MDF and LDF files, the Database name in SQL and the SQL Server Instance.

Click Restore

#11 Restore Process


The Restore will now start.

#12 Restore Completed


When the Restore is complete the Phase will show Completed.

#13 Site Collections


Open the Site Collections and you should now see your restored Share Point Site.

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