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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Small Business Server 2011 - Out Of Office Unavailable

Users report that they cannot set their Out Of Office, when you try to access EMC or EMS you are displayed with an error.

Out Of Office Error


The error message "Your automatic reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable." when a user tries to set their Out Of Office.

EMC and EMS Error


When you try to use the EMC or the EMS you are shown this error message that WinRM client cannot use Kerberos to connect to the local computer on port 80.

Cause of Error


The cause for this error is that there is a web site in IIS that is running on port 80 and as a result of this the Default Web Site cannot use port 80. Above you can see the Default Web Site has a ? symbol and the SharePoint - 80 site is stopped. I have stopped the SharePoint site as it was running on Port 80 and stopping the Default Web Site from running on this port. I then restarted the Default Web Site and I could access the EMC and EMS again.

Stop Site from Running on Port 80


In the Actions Pane on the right side choose the Bindings option.

Set Start Up of Site


Ensure the Start Automatically option is set to false so the site will not start automatically again.

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