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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Remote Desktop Licence Server Migration

You can migrate Remote Desktop Licences in Windows 2008 R2 Server, so you no longer have to call the Microsoft Clearing House to move your CALS.

Open RD Licensing Manager


Logon to your new Licencing Server and run RD Licensing Manager and right click the licencing server, choose Manage Licences.

Manage Licences Wizard


The Manage Licences Wizard will start.

Choose MIgrate Licences


Choose the option to migrate licences and the reason for the migration.

Source Licence Server


Specifiy the name or IP of the Source Licence Server.

Existing Licence Type


The existing licence type should not be displayed, in my case I had a pack of 5 Retail Licences.

Add Licence Details


This screen willl depend on your licence type, in this case I had to re enter the Retail Licence Product Key.

Wizard Authorises Licences


The wizard will now migrate the licences

Migration Complete


The wizard has completed the migration and there was no need to call up and have a chat with an automated machine.

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