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Thursday, 19 July 2012

XenApp Server 6.5 - Failed Installation with error code 1603

When trying to install XenApp 6.5 you see an error that the installation cannot progress.



The error that is displayed is generic error that refers you to the installation log file.

Error Log


When I opened the log file I could see that the error logged was with the XenAppMX.msi file and the error code was 1603

MSI File


I found the MSI file and then ran this manually so I could see the error

MSI Error


Now I can see that I need the .Net Framework 3.51 SP1 to be installed as a pre requisite.

Add .NET Framework 3.51 SP1


I added the Windows Feature for .NET Framework 3.51 SP1

Installation Successful


Now my installation is progressing as normal.

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