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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sharepoint Foundation 2010 - Part 4 Creating a Site

Part 5 describes how to create a new site.

Create a Managed Account


A new Managed Account will be required for the new site so from Central Administration choose the option Security.

Configure Managed Accounts


Choose the option to Configure managed accounts

Register Managed Account


Choose the option to Register managed account

Create the Service Account


Create a standard domain account and then assign this to the service account credentials

Create Web Application


To create a Web Application choose Managed web applications

Existing Web Applications


Here you can see the existing Web Applications, the first site created and then Central Administration Site. Choose the New option from the ribbon

Create the Web Application


Now you can create the new web application, on the Authentication option keep to using Classic Mode unless you know why to use Claims based authentication. Create a new IIS Site and name this something you can recognise as your site. For the Host Header this will be the named you will use in DNS for the site, so example.

Security Configuration


For the security you can keep the defaults, this will mean users will need to authenticate and the site will not use SSL Certificates. In the URL field enter the FQDN you want to use.

Application Pool


The Application Pool will need to be created, this will have a name based on the FQDN of the site and the account being used will be your site managed account.

Database Name


The database server will be your SQL Server and the database name WSS_Content_FQDN Leave the authentication to WIndows Authentication

Search Server


The Search Server will be the server you installed Sharepoint to first.

Complete Application


The Web Application is completed and you are now ready to create a site that users can work with.

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