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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Vmware - Cannot create a snapshot error -3491

As part of my recovery of a Sharepoint Server in vSphere, I decided once the server was all restored that I would take a Data Recovery Backup, but when I attempted this I received the error.

error -3491 cannot create snapshot

Snapshots all involve the VMFS and are related to all the files in the datastores for each virtual machine.  Now you have to be really careful with these files as they are the workings of each virtual machine, but you can if you are careful manipulate these to resolve problems.

In my case this article from Vmware resolved my problem.

I had a -delta.vmdk file that was orphaned and not linked to my vmdk files so I downloaded the virtual machine vmx file and checked that this -delta.vmdk file was not referenced and then moved the file to a backup folder in vmfs.

Once this orphaned file was removed I could run a Data Recovery backup and take a snap shot again.

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