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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Windows 2003 Certificate Service will not start

I had a good one today, a Exchange 2003 Server with a SSL Certificate had expired.  So I quickly issued a CSR and renewed the SSL Certificate with DigiCert and away we go Outlook Web Access is working again and Outlook Anywhere.

Then after 3 hours Outlook Anywhere stops working and I get errors in the event log for 58 and 100 stating

So this wasn't a good time as we have users complaining about no Outlook Anywhere.  So what is the cause?

Well the error states about the CA certificate being expired so I used MMC to open the Certificates MMC and then saw that the Root Certificate had expired.  It expired in June mind so that was a little odd.

Well if the Root CA Certificate is expired then it needs to be renewed, this can be done by the Certificate Authority in Administrative Tools.

Choose the new the CA Certificate and agree to the change and you will then find that you have a new five year CA certificate in the Certificates MMC.

I started the Certificates Service and it stayed started!  Hurrah issue over.

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