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Friday, 21 October 2011

Why presentations are dull

I have just been to a conference, a great one as it happens but there were some dull moments. Those presentations and PowerPoint.

Why are we still watching PowerPoint with clip art? It's not 1998. Learning can be enjoyable and enthralling, look at what the late Jobs could with an audience.

People want to be entertained, amused, amazed even. We in the technology business need to make our ideas appeal to the masses, to those that think it's all geek talk.

So how do we do it? Well what about simple You Tube skits? All you need is an iPhone or similar and you can direct a quick video of your idea.

Pictures say a thousand words they say, it's why breaking news is 24/7 and always has mobile footage or CCTV.

People are voyeuristic, so let them watch. Use You Tube or Join Me to share your ideas and services visually.

When you present captivate, don't become a twitter hash tag #yawn #powerpoint #so90s

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