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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Syslog in the Cloud

How much of a pain can it be trying to get syslogs from Cisco devices and such and manage these logs? We have tried syslogs running on a server at each site and it just becomes a management headache. If only there was a syslog in the cloud I thought?

We there is! OK so syslog uses UDP port 514 on a Cisco and it does not encrypt the data and yes I am sending this over the Internet but sometimes you need that data and thats more important.

So go here and have a look at what they offer, you can retain a weeks logs and have up to 200MB of data a day for £0! If you have a lot to log it is still no expensive and in dollars its better value for us in the UK.

It took about an hour to setup once I worked out that Cisco routers will only syslog to this on UDP 514, once I had its a doddle and works great.

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