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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

HP MSA 2324i SAN Array Controller Unavailable

We had deployed a new HP MSA 2324i SAN Array recently and after about 2 months we found Controller A to be unavailable, the storage network was still functioning but we could not access the Controller A.

We connected to Controller B and could see that Controller A was offline but we could not restart or shutdown the controller, the event log showed that the Controller had been taken offline and could not be restarted.

I had the Controller replaced under our support with HP and when we installed the replacement we checked the firmware and could see that the latest firmware had a critical status that explained that the controller would actually become degraded by the firmware unless we upgraded.

This is explained in this HP article.

If you have any MSA 2000 array series SAN then you must upgrade the firmware or risk the loss of both Controllers in the future.

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