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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Blackberry Express Server Web Console will not load after Maintenance Update 5.02

If you are intending to deploy the BES Express Server Maintenance Update 5.02 to your BES Server 5.01 then make sure you do so as the BESADMIN user. If you install the update as any other user the update will install correctly but you will find that the Blackberry Administration Service Console will not load and Internet Explorer will display "Page cannot be displayed".

I suffered this myself preferring to make installations with a specific Domain Administrator account and found that my console was no longer functioning. After much searching on Blackberry Support and finding others in the same situation via Google a colleague suggested he had found that Blackberry updates should always be installed as the BESADMIN user.

It is not really how the idea of security groups should work but it will save you no end of head scratching if you make sure you use the BESADMIN account, if you have already installed as another user just re apply as BESADMIN and the issue will be resolved.

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