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Saturday, 2 October 2010

SBS 2008 & Windows SharePoint Services 3 Search Event ID 2426 Error

I have found on a default SBS 2008 Server installation that an error will always appear in the Application Event Log for the Source Windows Sharepoint Services 3 Search.

Event ID 2424

The update cannot be started because the content sources cannot be accessed. Fix the errors and try the update again.

Context: Application 'Search', Catalog 'index file on the search server Search'

The cause for this is described by Microsoft as

"You receive above warning events because WSS3.0 Search service is trying to crawl the WSS content via the URL –, which is mentioned in above event. Windows Server 2008 includes a loopback check security feature that is designed to help prevent reflection attacks on your computer. Therefore, Kerberos authentication on Default Content Access Account fails if this URL does not match the local computer name and is not registered in system as additional Service Principle Name (SPN)."

The resolve for this is to disable the Loopback Check in the Registry.



Restart the Sharepoint Services Search Service and the error will stop occurring.

1 comment:

  1. I tried this and my problem was not fixed. I still got the same error in the application log after rebooting. Every 5 minutes.