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Friday, 8 October 2010

Move Public Folders when SSL Certificate has expired

I was migrating a Small Business Server 2003 Server to Small Business Server 2008 and during the Public Folders migration I found that the source server SSL Certificate had long expired. When I tried to move the replicas to the new Exchange Server the error "the received certificate has expired" was shown.

I check the certificate and it was expired by over a year and so the next step was to remove the SSL certificate from the Exchange Server as this had had all the mailboxes moved and was no longer a CAS. I removed the certificate in IIS and then noted when I tried to move the replicas that the error "the handle specified is invalid" was shown.

This is displayed because the Exadmin virtual website in IIS was set to use SSL on the Directory Security tab, I unchecked the boxes for Use SSL and Use 128bit Encryption and I was then able to use the ESM to move the replicas and migrate my Public Folders.


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  2. I was stuck with same exact situation migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011. Was able to resolve the issue after removing SSL from Exadmin virtual website.
    Raj Katyal

  3. We ran into the same error while decommissioning Exchange 2003 and moving to the cloud. We came up with the same fix.