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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Missing Toolbar in SharePoint Services 3.0

I had a customer today report that the Calendar List they had in Sharepoint 3.0 had suddenly gone missing. I looked at the site and I could see when I selected the Calendar list there was indeed no content or menu bar options for New, Action or Settings.

My first thought was that the List was probably still in Sharepoint but it had somehow got hidden, so I looked into the way to edit the page and find if the list had been hidden.

This is achieved but using the Site Actions, Edit Page option in the top right, you can then choose to Add a Web Part. At the bottom of the web parts list is the "Advanced Web Part gallery and options" link, choose this and a side bar opens and you are shown the option for Closed Web Parts.

In this Closed Web Parts was the Calendar List I was looking for, I added this back to the page and saved the changes and the Calendar was back in place.

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