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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Application Log with constant Perflib Errors

I had a server that I could not get a verification on the backup because the application log was full of Perflib Event ID 1008 errors. One was being generated about every 5 seconds so the log was full and the backup application, Acronis Backup & Recovery 10.0 could write to the log but I would never see it with my Managed Services application because the application log was being over written constantly.

So to resolve this problem, and this means stopping the error being generated in the log and not stopping the error itself, I downloaded the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tool ExCtrlList.exe from Microsoft. This is all outlined in this KB article

Next I used this application to find the Perflib monitor that was filling my application log, in this case it was ASPNET 2.0 with the Open command, then I deselected the check box to enable the Performance Monitor.

Back to the application event log and the constant event id 1008 has stopped and I can read the event log normally.

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