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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Exchange 2013 - How to enable Journalling with Max Mail

Login to Max Mail


Login to Max Mail and choose View/Manage my domains. Select the domain for your client.

Archive Settings


Choose the Archive Option from the menu.

Email Archive Settings


Select the Journaling option.

Enable Journaling


Choose to Enable Journaling. You will now need to have allowed access inbound to your Exchange 2013 Client Access Server on port 143 from the GFI Server IP addresses only through your firewall. This is outside the scope of this guide.

Enter in the HostName the public IP address on your Firewall you are NAT to the Exchange Server. Enter the Jourmal Mailbox Credentials. Chose that you only want to Journal Internal messages.

Add the internal domain of the Windows Network if required.

Save Settings


Save your settings, if you have setup everything correctly you will be shown Success!

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