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Friday, 13 September 2013

2X Thin Client - PXE boot NBP is too big to fit into free base memory

Having problems with a PXE Boot image that caused this error.

PXE Error


When you start the PXE Boot you are shown this error message

NBP is too big to fit in free base memory

DHCP Setting


The issue is found in the DHCP Settings, you cannot load an IMG file straight into a PXE boot. The above image shows that the IMG file is being attempted to be loaded by the PXE boot. This will fail as it is too large to load at PXE boot.

PXE Boot File


The file you need to load is the PXE Boot file that then calls the IMG file you want to boot from. In this case I was using the 2X Thin Client and this has a PXELINUX.0 file in the TFTP root.

Update DHCP Option 67


In your DHCP config, update Option 67 to read the PXELINUX.0 file instead of the IMG file location.

Restart PXE Boot


Now when you start the PXE boot you will see that the PXELINUX.0 boots and then loads the IMG file correctly.

2X Thin Client


Now the 2X Thin Client boots as expected.

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