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Friday, 7 December 2012

Citrix XenApp - How to configure failover Secure Access and STA

How to provide failover or multiple Secure Access Gateway Servers and STA for a Xen App 6.5 Farm

Secure Gateway Configuration Wizard


Open the Secure Gateway Configuration Wizard

Choose Advanced


Select the Advanced option.

STA Servers


You now need to specify the servers that are acting as the STA in your XenApp Farm. Here I only have one server so I have a single point of failure so I am going to add a failover server.

Add STA Server


Enter the FQDN of your STA Server and the port you will communicate on, for simplicity I am using HTTP here.

Citrix Web Management


Now we need to use the Citirx Web Management application. Select the XenApp Farm and then choose Server Farms

Edit XenApp Farm


Select your XenApp Farm and then choose Edit

Add Failover Server


I now choose to add a XenApp Server, this will act as my failover server for authentication.

STA Settings


Now we need to specify the STA Settings for our Failover Server, choose the Secure Access option

STA Settings


I now choose to add my Failover Server with the correct URL for STA https://servername/scripts/ctxsta.dll

Test Connection

You can now shutdown your original STA Server and then try to access a XenApp Server in your farm. This should now fail to find your Primary Server and then find your Failover Server for STA. This will take a little longer than a normal connection due to the need to check the Primary Server first.

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