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Friday, 20 January 2012

Windows 8 - The game changer?

Over the last few years you could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft has had its day, Google and Apple dominate the media, Microsoft have gone the way of IBM haven't they?

Well, maybe not. Windows 8 has one killer feature, a type 1 hyper visor. This means you can install multiple OS on a laptop and it runs in the bare metal.

This will have a profound effect, so now power users can run Windows 7 and Ubuntu on one laptop, but that's just the start. Let's say you have a user and want a maintain a clean OS so you deploy Windows 7 in the hyper v and then use App-v for all applications. Now you have a secure and clean OS for your user, ok so what's different to now?

For one, let's sync that VM guest to the data centre when in the office, laptop stolen or lost? VM is ready to use again, just deploy a new Windows 8 laptop.

User wants iTunes and The Sims? Build a VM guest for their home OS and keep your business OS for business. BYOC? It's going to happen with Windows 8, if the user leaves you can remotely close the VM and wipe it.

So what about what we do? The VM needs to be built, deployed, managed and supported. App-v must be designed to support applications and Remote Desktop Services utilised.

The hardware is and will become irrelevant to support, support will be all about availability, transparency of movement and always available applications.

Windows support is complex and costly, it needs to be simple for the user and Windows 8 entertains this.

The days of device drivers, reinstalls, registry hacks, malware, personal data management are going to end, the skills of tomorrow will be client virtualisation, application virtualisation, and application abstraction.

We will see the biggest shift in IT techs in the next three years as the game changes and only those with the right skills can deliver.

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