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Monday, 11 April 2011

Trend Micro Office Scan Hotfix Issue

I recently deployed version 10.5 of Office Scan and following best practice installed the latest service pack and hotfix from Trend Micro, as part of our test process we found that the clients would show as online client side but offline at server side.

We followed trouble shooting through firewalls and ports and then noticed when we tried to create a client package to install with this failed with an error that files cannot be found.

A quick look in the folders for Office Scan showed several files renamed _INVALID as the file extension and in the system event log there were multiple entries logged as ID 900 relating to invalid digital signatures detected by Office Scan and that the files had been renamed.

It turns out that the latest hotfix for Office Scan 10.5 has a check for the digital signature of the Office Scan files and if they are not signed correctly they are renamed for safety, the problem being that the files are all not signed as expected and Office Scan disables itself for you.

The details are logged in the this KB

It is pretty poor testing when a hotfix disables the product so severely. Boo Trend Micro.

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