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Monday, 20 September 2010

Delete files older than a certain age

I had a need to delete some backup images files from a share after a period of time so that the disk did not run out of space. This was because the backup application Acronis & Backup Recovery 10.0 was not able to correctly clean up older image files in the backup rotation.

So to create a simple way to delete all image files older than two days I used the FORFILES.EXE utility from the Windows 2003 Resource Kit.

The syntax for this is quite simple and allows you to search a location or sub folder for a file type and then take an action depending on the files found. So for my case I used

forfiles /P E:\myPath /M *.TIB /D -2 /C "cmd /c del /q @path"

This command uses the path E:\myPath and then finds TIB file extensions, it tests if they are older than 2 days and if it matches it then runs a del /q to delete these files using the full path.

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