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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Archive files with Robocopy

I have a few customers who keep all their data from the first server they ever had so we are looking at data from the 1990s onward! It always strikes me that if you don't need to keep data for legal reasons then if it hasn't been accessed for 6 months its ready to be archived off the server to NAS and then to offsite storage.

Robocopy is a tool that can help with this process, it can perform all sorts of file copy operations and in this case can move files that have not been accessed since a date to a new location and keep the file structure.

robocopy c:\share d:\archive\share /S /SEC /MOV /MINLAD:20081231 /L

This command will use the switches

/S - copy all subdirectories that contain files
/MOV - move the files and folders from the source
/MINLAD:YYYYMMDD - find files that have not been accessed before this date
/L - test the operation before you copy for real, very handy!